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"...the pace of our evolution.The more readily we have energy flowing into us,the more mysteriously the universe responds by bringing people into our lives to answer our questions...and every time we follow an intuition and some mysterious encounter leads us forward,our personal vibration increases." from The Celestine Prophecy

Ravenspirit's GhostStalker seeks to provide resources for the avid "ghosthunter" so they may obtain valuable "how to" instructions for research into ghosts/haunts and spirit-energies.
We also provide New Age and metaphysical links and resources for the novice and believer,seeking to develop bridges and paths of empowerment,to encourage everyone in finding their "sacred space"....where they may dance with their souls,like birds in the wind.
In my experience as a ghosthunter,I have grown to respect possibilities of Nature and the exercise of faith - Each may have their own approach to the art of ghost hunting(some predominately scientific without any great influence of spiritual faith,others find ways to implement aspects of their faith into their work and still others believe shamantic,pagan or Wiccan forces may be an aspect of the haunting itself...there are possibilities of Nature in anything "unusual").

RAVENSPIRIT'S GHOSTSTALKER is a member of the NYS Paranormal Investigations & GhostHunting Team(paranormal investigation specialists who volunteer).We support and participate in various haunt projects,as well as,work with team members who may use crafts from Wiccan,Pagan,Native Indian and other metaphysical resources to disperse the negative Spirit/Entity/Ghost - if necessary - and cleanse & heal the location. WE BELIEVE THE ART OF GHOST HUNTING IS EVERGROWING AND BECOMMING WORTHY OF RESPECT,BELIEF AND DEDICATION IN THE WORK OF THE PARANORMAL!

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"Perception is a necessary tool for finding TRUTH"...

The Shadowlands is an excellent site in becomming familiar with the large variety of ghost-sightings,haunts,resources and paranormal links. They provide true stories,pictures and data,a haunted index for ghosthunters,ghosts sounds and resources to help you start your own ghosthunting group or seek assistance from ghosthunters in your area. There is also the "GHOST HUNTER STORE" with the basic,affordable supplies needed by all ghost hunters. Just tap the blue link.

The ShadowLands